Insurance & Loss Adjustment

Services for Insurance Companies

IT Group offers a range of services to Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters. We are regularly instructed in large corporate losses where high technology equipment, server rooms or large machinery are suspected to have suffered damage. We assess and advise on potential damage and assist in re-negotiating warranty where damage cannot be fairly established. We have the capability to test equipment and cabling to check for damage and have been very successful in avoiding unnecessary replacement by preparing detailed test reports and supporting documentation while advising on specialist repair facilities where damage has been sustained but can be rectified.

When an insurance claim is suspected of being fraudulent, our forensics team can offer a wide range of high technology forensic services. We are able to check the geographical location of mobile phone users by analysing cell site data to establish where a mobile phone was when specific calls or text messages were send or received. We are able to analyse Facebook accounts and instant messenger activity to check for unusual communications between parties to an insurance claim. We are able to undelete material on mobile phones and laptops/ PCs and to present detailed timelines for internet activity in cases where insurance renewal is sought after an event. We are often asked to extract data from a portable SATNAV such as a Tomtom® or a built in manufacturer’s device.

Previous work involving cases such as this include investigation of the causes of the loss and the assessment of the scale of the loss for claims such as:

  • Fire damage - Analysis/interpretation of cause plus valuation of assets
  • Personal Injury and Physical loss
  • Water and Flood damage investigation­
  • Chemical Spills
  • Explosion Cases
  • Accident Investigation
  • Failure Investigations
  • Electrical Accidents – Please see our Personal Injury page for more details.
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