Information Technology (IT) - Consultancy

IT Group offers consultancy services for all aspects within the IT sector. This includes:

  • Technical consultancy on all IT related issues: IT Group has recently been involved in providing advice on the NHS Patient Care Records IT Programme (NPfIT) to assist in highlighting problem areas.
  • Assistance with and advice on business networks and infrastructures
  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis
  • Due Diligence & Consultancy for Mergers and Acquisitions. Offering advice on and assistance with merging IT systems, data and networks.
  • Security Planning and Recovery
  • Disaster and Business Continuity Planning - Please see our Disaster Recovery page for further information.
  • Electronic Discovery (Extract / Search / Visualization) - Specialist service to index and present documentation/ emails either for e-discovery or for forensic analysis in IP theft/ fraud cases, for example. Full OCR service to provide searchable, indexed e-bundles.
  • Procurement and Project Launch - Assisting with and advising on large scale IT Procurement Projects and providing additional expertise at Project Launch to ensure a smooth 'Go-live'.
  • Project Recovery - Assisting with and advising on large scale IT Projects that are or potentially will be in difficulty and brokering meetings with suppliers/ clients to rescue the project before a complete breakdown in client/ supplier relationships.

To discuss any of these consultancy services in more detail please contact us on +44 (0)845 226 0331 (Midlands & North), +44 (0)207 096 3791 (London & South), or email­­