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IT Group provides a range of digital forensic services, applying our skills and knowledge to both civil and criminal cases. Our expertise includes the recovery, extraction and interpretation of data from servers, back-ups, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablet/PDA, cloud storage, IoT devices and more.

Our experts are regularly instructed in matters of serious organised crime, fraud (false accounting, recovery of business records), intellectual property theft, drug trafficking, corporate hacking, burglary, assault and employment issues (employee misuse of confidential information) to assist in the identification, interpretation and presentation of electronic evidence.

Our Services

Computer Forensics

Expert forensic recovery and analysis of data from hard drives, back-ups, PCs and laptops.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Digital evidence collection and extraction from mobile, tablet and PDA devices.

Cell Site Analysis

Mobile phone evidence mapping and tracking to establish movements between locations.

CCTV Analysis

Secure recovery and analysis of surveillance footage to establish the true sequence of events.

Sat Nav Forensics

Accurate retrieval of data from Sat Nav / GPS systems to verify geographical location.

Past experience

Typically our instructions require us to address questions that include:

  • Was an email or document sent and when?
  • What documents were accessed?
  • Has a portable memory device been used?
  • Was a website viewed?
  • Has a laptop been ‘wiped’?
  • Where was a person geographically situated when a message was sent?
  • When was a document last accessed or modified?
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