IT Group offers a fast, powerful web based e-Disclosure service based on Intella Connect. This service simplifies the investigation, review and disclosure of electronic documents. Our practical solution for e-Disclosure is priced to match all budgets, catering for ‘everyday’ cases as well as larger data volumes. 

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e-Disclosure Services

We are finding that increasingly, our forensic extraction skills are being used to assist in the
e-Disclosure process. We are regularly instructed in matters of serious organised crime, fraud, IP theft and employee misconduct to assist in the identification and interpretation of digital evidence.

Our experienced team of e-Disclosure consultants and accredited expert witnesses have a wide range of tools to assist with e-Disclosure obligations at any stage of the litigation process, offering a swift identification and forensically reliable collection of data for review.


What is e-Disclosure?

I was very happy with Intella, which I used for a large and complex e-Disclosure exercise. The main benefit was that I could put documents into categories, which I could create, and move around as many times as I liked. This enabled me and my clients to review documents which were not easy to categorise, which was invaluable in this case. The ability to redact documents onscreen and transfer text to the comments box was also very useful. Once the process was finished I was assisted in transferring relevant files into pdf form, with accompanying Excel spread sheets, which in effect were an index. This was far more efficient than having to manually list all documents and saved me time and my clients money.

Ben Dures

Dawson's Law & Co.

Corporate Litigation


A sensible, proportionate cost model makes these services available for a wide range of litigation cases where documents are more sensibly searched and reviewed electronically. This includes data ‘holds’, assessment for Disclosure Reports and the involvement of others, for example forensic accountants, barristers, client advisors and other experts, via our web based Intella Connect platform.




IP cases tend to work with smaller document volumes than, for example, fraud. IT Group’s services based on the Intella Connect platform, provide a wholly proportionate cost structure to ensure that e-Disclosure search and review is a very practical solution in these cases. Added to this is IT Group’s wide experience in locating evidence in IP cases, including drawings and graphics and specialist searches to locate, for example, software program code, CAD drawings and Project Plans.


Regulatory/Business crime


These cases have a common challenge to identify key custodian data and to identify other businesses with which there may have been communications. The combination of IT Group’s forensic data collection and Intella Connect, provides the tools to analyse the appropriate email threads and communication chains. The advantage of our approach is to enable a swifter identification and review of the data that is most likely to be relevant.





IT Group’s ability to track evidence and reconstruct graphical timelines of wrong-doing in the workplace, coupled with analysis of employee access to Cloud based services, company databases, misuse of email, company documents and text messages, can be combined with the low cost Intella Connect e-Disclosure platform, for the search and review of this data.


Expert witness fully-managed cases


All IT Group services are delivered by consultants who are accredited expert witnesses. If required IT Group experts will provide affidavits and/or oral evidence as to the processes followed.

If appropriate, IT Group consultants will handle the process of communication with the client’s technical teams to ensure the swift and forensically reliable collection of data images from computers, servers, mobile phones and other devices.

Key Benefits

As expert witnesses who specialise in software and digital forensics, IT Group combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the litigation process. Our team is forensically trained, meaning we have an in-depth knowledge of user permissions, encrypted documents, data structures, complex files types and email systems to complement our range of forensic analysis tools. This means we can very quickly put our users in a position to carry out time-sensitive tasks such as early case assessments.

We can deliver court­-ordered formal e-­Disclosure or informal intelligence gathering from your electronic documents, and offer support in all matters relating to:

  • Document​ collection in employment disputes 
  • Corporate​ litigation
  • IPR​ disputes (software litigation)
  • Loss/theft​ of trade secrets or confidential information
  • Password​ encrypted document unlocking
  • Email​ sender and content provenance​
  • Mobile​ phone and tablet content
  • Cloud​ based storage


Key benefits of our e­-Disclosure service include


  • Fully project managed from collection to exchange and signed off by an experienced Expert Witness
  • Simple and easy to use with no setup required
  • Fixed cost with no volume or processing charges 
  • Intuitive searching with a graphical dashboard showing the review progress
  • Password encrypted document unlocking, email threading, document deduplication and OCR as standard
  • Recovery of documents including deleted or corrupted files
  • Delivered by an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited company
  • All data held in our own UK data centre and protected by two-factor authentication

Data Extraction

Our e-Disclosure consultants are also forensically trained and we have a number of services for the extraction of content from workstations, laptops, servers, mobile devices and other storage media should you require it. We can also retrieve and restore deleted material including emails, documents and evidence of computer usage even if it has been corrupted or damaged by malware.

If forensic extraction is not required and the client's IT team wish to carry out their own data extraction or initial searches, we can assist with a range of tools designed to assist without losing or altering data.


Data Hold


Clients will not always have a legal hold procedure ready to roll out. However, a legal requirement to prevent data being compromised can quickly arise but clients can be unwilling to commit to significant costs early on. IT Group provides a litigation hold process where we image the data, but leave it securely with the client. If the case doesn’t progress then the cost has been kept under control because no processing has been needed and the client has been able to work normally.


Sign Off


As Expert Witnesses, IT Group can sign off forensically acquired data sets or documents, that have had specific search terms applied to reduce volumes, with an Expert Witness Statement.

Hosted e-­Disclosure Software

Our service utilises Intella Connect which is fast, simple and accessible via your web browser, and all data is stored on our servers in the UK. There is no set up or software to load, it is simply a case of using your internet browser via secure HTTPS connection. We provide one to one training via a screen share to get users up and running within 15 - 30 minutes.

Our hosted platform allows for lightning-fast efficient review with all document formats viewable within a single reviewer pane, without the need to download any documents to view them natively. From the management dashboard, Administrators can see minute by minute progress of the review including document tags, document types, percentage reviewed, other reviewers comments on specific documents and an alert box identifying data set issues such as encrypted and embedded documents.

I found IT Group's hosted IntellaConnect e-Disclosure service to be fast and intuitive to use. I particularly liked not having to install or setup any software locally, which meant being able to work away from the office or from home and pick up exactly where I left off.  I found that work on the case by my colleagues was entirely transparent, enabling me to see exactly how we were progressing.

Simon Trees

Nelsons Solicitors Ltd.

Intella Connect

  • Web Based Application - Intella Connect streamlines the process of document review and investigation by allowing multiple reviewers to work simultaneously on the same case without software installation or complex system configurations. This affordable search and review suite provides a fast, easy to learn solution for investigating electronic documents, across multiple departments or offices.
  • Powerful Indexing Engine - Often referred to as unstructured data, Intella Connect will intelligently process millions of different files, documents and mobile phone data into a searchable database. Flexible searching of electronically stored information, with deduplication on the fly, enables the user to find and review critical evidence quickly , and in doing so, keep intact all relationships between files, custodians, data, text and attachments to provide rapid navigation and searching.
  • Unique Cluster Maps - Provide a visual representation to assist in understanding the relationships between the documents and search query combinations, which may include keywords, date ranges, email addresses and any other identifying facts.
  • Individual Document Review - All contents, metadata, email groups and threads, attachments, file structures and native files can be examined, commented on and tagged for relevance or excluded for privilege, etc. This flexible tagging process can provide a structured workflow between reviewers. This may involve allocating different search terms or data sets to individuals or filtering results for senior reviewers to check crucial and/or ambiguous documents.
  • Export - Export either in native, Adobe PDF or PST with indexes automatically generated in either plain text or Excel, ready for exchange with counterparties.

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  • Data Extraction
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