Mobile Phone Forensics Expert Witness

IT Group is frequently instructed to provide evidence as experts in relation to mobile phone / radio telephone analysis. and provides CrPR Part 33 (Criminal Procedure Rules) and Section 9 Witness statements for many firms involved in criminal cases. Criminal litigation cases and fraud cases involving mobile phone forensic analysis include:
  • Text Message Recovery /SMS Retrieval - Restore deleted text messages (undelete sms). For more details click here.
  • SIM card data Recovery – Using forensic technology IT Group can retrieve phone memory, including phone book contact numbers, from the SIM card - even for those with a PIN locked SIM card, or without the original SIM.
  • Cell Site Analysis – IT Group provides cell site analysis and mobile phone mapping / tracking for cases that require evidence of the past geographical location of a cell phone, including the analysis of call detail records and on-site network measurement.­ For more details click here.
  • Handset Analysis
  • Communications Data Analysis - Includes investigations into usage profiles, call patterns and bill records
  • Mobile Phone Fraud / Misuse / Phone Hacker
  • Mobile Phone / Telephone Attribution

IT Group also provides data recovery services for hard disk drives, laptops, PDAs, and emails. For more information please visit our Data Recovery page.

For further information on our Mobile Phone and digital forensic services contact our experts on +44 (0)845 226 0331 (Midlands & North), +44 (0)207 096 3791 (London & South), or email