• I instructed Tony Sykes in a large High Court litigation involving electronics and software. His expertise and clear presentation of evidence during cross examination were essential in a difficult and complex trial lasting many weeks. I would recommend Tony in any IT or electronics case involving fitness for purpose or intellectual property dispute.

    Gerald O’Mahoney

    Partner, O’Mahoney St John Solicitors

  • An overall assessment of all this material led me unhesitatingly to conclude that, on any relevant dispute of technical detail or professional opinion, Mr Sykes' evidence was to be preferred.

    HHJ Thornton

    Autoroute Circuits (Roger Benfield) -v- Life Racing Limited [2007] EWHC 1505

  • I have a high opinion of [Jason Coyne’s] abilities. His high level of expertise is always expressed in a clear, focused and logical manner. I have recommended him as expert in appropriate cases with complete confidence.

    Richard Mawrey QC

    Henderson Chambers, 2 Harcourt Buildings

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