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IT Group is a leading supplier of IT Consultancy and Expert Witness services, specialising in technology, media and telecommunications with complementary expertise in electrical engineering.

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IT Disputes and Expert Services

When IT disputes arise concerning the quality and suitability of delivered software and/or hardware, we are well placed to give expert advice and assessment, particularly with regard to whether a project has been delivered with ‘reasonable skill and care’.

Our broad range of in-house experience of managing and delivering large IT projects in a wide spectrum of market sectors means we can provide highly informed opinions, which have helped us secure settlements in many cases where a clear understanding of ‘what went wrong’ was vital.

..a rare breed because they understand system architecture and programming language. Unlike so many IT experts, they can actually get into the systems themselves and determine what the problem is and so then we can establish who is responsible for it.

Philip Barden

London Law Firm Devonshires

Past Experience



We have been instructed to provide CPR Part 35 compliant expert reports in Civil disputes in many international arbitrations and cases in the High Court and County Courts, including:



Frontier Systems Ltd (t/a Voiceflex)
Frip Finishing Ltd

London Borough of Southwark
IBM (High Court TCC)

Kingsway Hall Hotel
Red Sky IT (High Court TCC)

Watford Electronics Limited
Sanderson CFL Limited (Court of Appeal)

SAM Business Systems
Hedley & Co (High Court TCC)

R. Benfield
Life Racing (High Court TCC)

Horace Holman Group Limited
Sherwood International Group Limited (High Court TCC)

Automotive Latch Systems Limited
Honeywell International Inc (Commercial Court)

Intellectual Property

IT Group is often involved in disputes relating to intellectual property rights for software and technology. Our instructions can range from providing opinion on software copyright infringement, in the form of stolen source code, to considering the infringement or validity of a technology patent.

IT Group has also been involved in cases relating to trade secrets, typically in a role of expert witness, and providing forensic investigation and e-Disclosure services.

The unique combination of forensic IT skills and software engineering experience enabled IT Group to uncover the source of the IP theft and to provide invaluable expert opinion on the attempted cover up that followed. I would recommend IT Group in this type of case.

Carol Plunkett

Partner, William Fry, Ireland

Our services include


  • Computer, server & mobile forensics
  • Cloud-based storage / portable memory forensics
  • Recovery of deleted material
  • Software source code comparisons (‘adaptations’)
  • Code Versioning Systems (CVS) analysis
  • Patent validity & infringement analysis


Past experience


Analysis of:

  • Retail EPOS systems functionality and Programming Source Code
  • Broadband Router and Mobile phone cell site Programming Source Code
  • Oil Refinery Process Programming Source Code
  • Insurance Premium algorithm software
  • Web Portal Application Code
  • Geophysics Software Source Code
  • Number of times Application Code is ‘copied’ in RAM
  • In-car Satellite Navigation Source Code

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

IT Group’s Chartered Electrical Engineers provide expert opinion and CPR Part 35 (civil) compliant expert reports for the High Court & County Courts and CrPR Part 19 (criminal) compliant expert reports for the Crown Court & Magistrates Courts.

IT Group is often involved in site inspections relating to allegations of defective or faulty electrical goods, negligence and unsuitable or unsafe installations of electrical products or systems. We also have a wealth of experience in giving oral evidence in court or at arbitral hearings and we regularly attend mediations between parties.

I instructed Tony Sykes in a large High Court litigation involving electronics and software. His expertise and clear presentation of evidence during cross examination were essential in a difficult and complex trial lasting many weeks. I would recommend Tony in any IT or electronics case involving fitness for purpose or intellectual property dispute.

Gerald O’Mahoney

Partner, O’Mahoney St John Solicitors

Past Experience


IT Group expert witnesses have a wealth of experience in disputes involving electronic design as well as electrical installations including personal injury and fatal accident investigations, and we are regularly instructed to assist in matters relating to:

  • Fitness for purpose disputes involving electronic design or the suitability of electrical installations
  • Site wiring inspections in cases involving negligent and/or unsuitable installations
  • Analysis of potentially faulty electrical goods and systems in personal injury cases relating to electric shock and electrocution
  • Advice in matters relating to standards of electrical safety
  • Investigations into determining the root causes of fires and explosions which cause injury or other health-related issues


Consulting and Advisory

IT Group has over 25 years’ experience in IT consultancy and advisory services. We have provided technical and project management support to 100s of clients throughout the UK and worldwide, helping them to reduce delay and achieve the highest return on their IT investment.

We strive to provide our clients with independent and objective advice, enabling them to make informed decisions to support their business requirements.

I hired David Sykes on a number of high profile industrial losses as an IT and electronic technologies consultant, to assess damage, repairability, repair vs replace valuation, source possible suppliers, etc. His responsiveness, technical knowledge, flexibility to adapt to various scenarios, understanding of our needs, results on the field, make him a very valuable consultant.

FM Global

Project Failures


IT Group has provided project management support to a number of clients dealing with challenging outsourcing projects across a wide spectrum of market sectors. Our consultants have been deeply involved in all aspects of the technology delivery lifecycle and are able to provide the project direction required to bring the project to a conclusion and ensure delivery. Should an IT project be considered a failure, we can also create the necessary conditions for an exit from the relationship.

We will ensure that your position is protected by consistently benchmarking delivery against the agreed project plan and roles and responsibilities against those set out in the contract, irrespective of whether the goal is still delivery or an early exit.

IT Group has been instrumental in securing settlement in a number of cases and we are regularly asked to support lawyers, barristers and their clients at mediations and in other alternative dispute resolution situations, where IT project failure has occurred.


Insurance and Loss Adjustment


IT Group specialises in Insurance and Loss Adjustment consultancy, together with subrogation and civil dispute work as expert witnesses. When an insurance claim is suspected of being fraudulent, IT Group offers a full range of forensic IT services to assist the claim handler to check the validity of a suspect claim.

We are also regularly instructed in large corporate losses where high technology equipment, server rooms or large machinery are suspected to have suffered damage. We assess and advise on potential damage and assist in re-negotiating warranty where damage cannot be fairly established.


Procurement and Project Launch


IT Group's experts have been instructed in cases involving technology and IT project failure over many years. This experience enables us to advise at each stage of the procurement and product selection processes thus protecting your project  from such failures. A few simple steps taken at the earliest opportunity could dramatically reduce the chances of project failure, or prevent it all together.

IT Group also offers a "Kill or Cure" service for projects that are currently in-train but are proving to be a challenge, late or over budget.


Cyber Security


Our consultants are information security experts with extensive knowledge of IT systems and operational processes across a number of industry sectors. Our expertise in digital forensics, combined with extensive technical knowledge, means we can help expose any vulnerabilities in your systems and networks which may be exploited and offer guidance on how to make your organisation more secure. Should your organisation suffer a security breach, we can also work with you during the incident to ensure operational effectiveness is re-established in the shortest possible time, whilst guaranteeing that digital forensic evidence is secured to offer you the best opportunity to redress the situation once the dust settles.


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  • Disputes and Expert services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Consulting and Advisory