David [Sykes] possesses a high degree of technical knowledge combined with good people skills at reasonable cost.

FM Global

The technical investigation conducted by Jason Coyne was thorough and the presentation of his report was both objective and pertinent. I continue to have a high opinion of his abilities.

Martin Hicks QC

The Chambers of David Waters QC, 2 Hare Court

I prefer Mr Sykes opinion on this issue. [the means of hacking a VOIP PBX for dial through fraud]

HHJ David Grant

Frontier Systems Limited -v- Frip Finishing Limited[2014] EWCH 1907 (TCC)

Tony is an excellent expert who knows his subject very well and has the skill to explain and present his opinions with clarity.

Jeremy White


I would unhesitatingly recommend Jason Coyne. He is very competent and always provides clear and concise evidence. He is also a very good team member on large cases.

James Lewis QC

3 Raymond Buildings

Jason [Coyne] was exceptionally helpful in identifying the core technical issues in a complex dispute and explaining complicated concepts in an accessible way. He brought clarity, reducing the issues in dispute significantly. He presented his report in a balanced way, clearly understanding his duties as an expert, and was impressive in the way he gave evidence.

Blake Lapthorn

Jason Coyne provided objective and valuable expert material. In particular he was available at very short notice to produce very well presented graphics to illustrate difficult issues. I found his help of great assistance and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Stuart Trimmer QC

4 Bream Buildings

I hired David Sykes on a number of high profile industrial losses as an IT and electronic technologies consultant, to assess damage, repairability, repair vs replace valuation, source possible suppliers, etc. His responsiveness, technical knowledge, flexibility to adapt to various scenarios, understanding of our needs, results on the field, make him a very valuable consultant.

FM Global

I instructed Tony Sykes in a large High Court litigation involving electronics and software. His expertise and clear presentation of evidence during cross examination were essential in a difficult and complex trial lasting many weeks. I would recommend Tony in any IT or electronics case involving fitness for purpose or intellectual property dispute.

Gerald O’Mahoney

Partner, O’Mahoney St John Solicitors

The unique combination of forensic IT skills and software engineering experience enabled IT Group to uncover the source of the IP theft and to provide invaluable expert opinion on the attempted cover up that followed. I would recommend IT Group in this type of case.

Carol Plunkett

Partner, William Fry, Ireland