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Aaron is the Systems and Security Manager at IT Group. His primary role is to ensure the smooth operation of IT Group’s systems, services and servers as well as client-facing servers and web services. In addition, Aaron’s core objective is to ensure that IT Group remains up-to-date with current trends, products and services to ensure a safe and well-defended network to protect IT Group and its clients’ data assets.

As part of the computer security team, industry-standard and internally-developed tools are used to test IT Group’s ability to detect and defend against cyber-attacks, utilising methods that scan for vulnerabilities as well as performing penetration tests on both internal and external endpoints and the wired and wireless infrastructure of the organisation.

Aaron has experience in a number of sectors, including insurance, family law, employment law and intellectual property investigation. Through his experience in computer security, a number of security and malware incidents have been resolved successfully that would have been costly for the client in both monetary and positional value, particularly in the education and not-for-profit industries.

Computer Security

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Incident Response

Penetration Testing

Digital Forensic Investigations

BSc (Hons) Digital Forensics

Certified Security Testing Associate

UFED Cellebrite Logical

Certified Blacklight Examiner