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Callum Hogan is a Digital Forensic Examiner and e-Disclosure Specialist at IT Group. His role includes the acquisition, analysis, identification and reporting on digital evidence from a range of technological devices; including computers, mobile phones and CCTV systems. This involves using various industry standard forensic hardware and software tools.

Callum is also part of IT Group’s e-Disclosure team. He provides help and guidance to lawyers who use our e-Disclosure platform, Intella Connect. This tailored experience helps lawyers to make the most of the platform’s features during e-Disclosure exercises so that the best results can be achieved.

Callum has been involved in cases which include criminal activity, fraud, intellectual property theft, employment tribunals and family disputes. He also regularly travels across the UK and overseas to conduct the forensic imaging of various devices.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Computer Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics


Cell Site Surveying and Analysis

BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing

Certified BlackLight Examiner

Forensic Analytics Ltd – Cell Site Analysis Overview

Member of the British Computer Society