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Siobhan Forster is a Senior Commercial Dispute Consultant at IT Group. Her roles include assessing the state of IT projects which have fallen into dispute.  Her expert analysis is principally used to assist in the preparation of expert witness reports for use in high-value civil claims.

Siobhan has worked on IT projects across a range of industry sectors including healthcare, construction and media. Focusing on measuring programme and project performance, her specialisms include the forensic analysis of historic project material to identify cost overruns, incorrect resource utilisation and causes of delay.

Siobhan has also been involved in several high-value claims regarding intellectual property rights, copyright and database rights infringement whereby her specialisms particularly focus on the analysis of source code and commercial databases and the identification of infringement.

Project Management/Advisory

Delay Analysis

Intellectual Property Rights and Outsourcing Agreements relating to Software and Technology, particularly Copyright and Database Rights Infringement Analysis


Civil and Commercial Mediation, University of Central Lancashire

Member of the Society for Computers and Law

Member of the Chartered Institute for IT