Case Study: Employee Steals Confidential Information to Assist Competing Business

IT Group was approached by a client that was concerned that the (ex) Marketing Director who had recently left the business to join a competitor was starting to win business from his client base.

IT Group was instructed to forensically examine the Marketing Director’s laptop, desktop and mobile phone to see if any confidential or similar critical data had been transferred via electronic means from the business prior to the individual leaving.

Utilising our state of the art digital forensics tools, IT Group was able to rebuild the timeline of events from three devices leading up to the date the employee left.

Analysis of activity on the devices uncovered evidence proving that the employee had in fact been communicating via Skype messenger on a daily basis with their new business partner. The individual was supplying leads and intelligence about business contacts that the new company could then use to gain an unfair competitive advantage and subsequently take business from his current employer.

The evidence also revealed that the suspect was sharing a Google Drive with his new company, transferring confidential information and then discussing it on Skype.

As a result of IT Group’s investigation, a trading injunction and deletion order was secured.