Case Study: Providing Expert Opinion on a Damaged Electrical Installation

A large outside advertising display failed shortly after installation due to water ingress. The design and IP rating of the enclosure were analysed as part of litigation proceedings.

The investigation required a site inspection to look at a large electronic advertising sign that had been fitted to the outside of a club. Various claims were made by the club relating to not being fit for purpose or of merchantable quality. The core issue was that the case was poorly designed and the unit badly installed resulting in water ingress and subsequent corrosion.

An “expert” appointed by the supplier turned out to be both partisan and of questionable integrity. He had to be replaced due to personal circumstances.

He was replaced by another expert with whom we have had dealings on many occasions. We inspected at different times and so there was discussion and lack of agreement as to how much corrosion was down to lack of use, but ultimately we produced a joint statement that enabled the matter to settle quickly.