Geolocation Analysis Uncovers Ex-Employee Posting Malicious Content Online

IT Group was approached by a prestigious independent school which was troubled by libellous posting on Facebook.

A pupil had informed the school that a pseudo-Facebook page had been set up and malicious messages were being posted about individuals tied to the school. Pupils were being invited to become ‘Facebook Friends’ with the page and were encouraged to share ‘gossip’ that could be posted anonymously on the Facebook page.

IT Group assisted a boutique law firm specialising in brand protection with the drafting of an application to the social media providers (Facebook) requesting the IP addresses and any subscriber information that may identify the individual posting the malicious content.

Following the provision of the IP addresses IT Group conducted geolocation analysis in an attempt to determine the location of the original poster and this lead to further additional requests to UK mobile telecommunications providers as a number of the posts were made by a user of a mobile data network.

This led the investigation to a suspect who was a local photographer that was bitter because he had recently lost a lucrative contract with the school. The photographer agreed to cease his activities, provide an apology and contribute to the school’s legal costs.