Case Study: Rogue Employees Copy Source Code for Rival Company

A large software development company contacted IT Group in 2015 as they suspected two of their employees were developing software for another company. A forensic image and initial examination of the employees’ computers was conducted with pre-agreed search terms from the client.

The data was informative but alone it was not enough evidence to secure action against the employees. IT Group was instructed to retain the forensic images as a point of reference for the future and the software company took steps to observe the suspects more closely.

In 2016 the client was made aware of a flyer from a competing software company that contained the same terminology and language used by the client in their own marketing literature.

Upon discovering this, IT Group was instructed to conduct a further examination of the original computer forensic images but with different search criteria. During this investigation additional evidence was found.

This proved that the employees were accessing and copying the client’s source code for a rival company. An updated forensic image was taken which demonstrated that this continued until the employees were removed from the company pending action.