Cyber Security is a topic that has been at the top of everyone’s agenda over the past few years. Details of a successful hack, attempted cyber-fraud or effective cyber-activism appear in the news on a weekly basis.

As high technology experts, IT Group is frequently instructed in matters relating to cyber security and our team of forensic experts can assist businesses both proactively and reactively against outsider threats.

Vulnerability Scanning

How vulnerable are your systems?

Penetration Testing

How secure is your network?

Open Source Investigations

How much information and data does your company leak?

White-Box Phishing Campaigns

How vulnerable are your employees to opening you up to attack?

Wireless Penetration Test

How secure is your easiest attack point?

Why IT Group?

Our maintenance of ISO 27001 requires us to carry out risk assessments on every aspect of our business and then analyse the results to identify and minimise risk.

Applying these skills and techniques to our clients’ systems is hugely rewarding. Accurate analysis of systems and procedures helps to assess the risk associated with particular client processes and situations thus minimising impact in a real-life security incident.

We are able to add value at every stage of the process, from pre-crisis services and consultancy through the harrowing stages of a real-life incident and finally in the wrap-up and lessons learnt stages after the event.


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