We help our clients recover, extract and analyse case-critical data

We work closely with our business and legal sector clients to identify the location and scale of key data sources. We then advise the best method of acquiring and preserving relevant information in a forensically robust manner. Sources can include email accounts, devices, document management systems and cloud storage systems. Our forensic tools enable us to access archived or deleted data as well as live information.

Our digital forensic experts carry out targeted analysis to uncover a wealth of information that can be vital to a case. This might include web and user activity, access and modification dates, link files, USB activity, email chronology and printing, copying and deletion history. Our findings, signed off by a qualified digital forensic expert, can then be used in the form of an expert report to support a formal case.

We have a number of processes and procedures in place to ensure we operate to the highest standard and safeguard our clients’ data effectively

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified

We regard our clients' data as the most valuable item in our possession. In line with this belief, we operate to two major ISO standards to ensure continued improvement and retention of high-quality processes and procedures.

Cyber Essentials Certified

Our systems and networks are Cyber Essentials certified - demonstrating our commitment to cyber security and the continuous development of measures and procedures to proactively combat cyber threats.

Threat Detection Technology

Our systems and networks are protected by Darktrace - a world-leading threat detection technology that alerts us to any potential security threats before they are able to manifest.

Data Encryption

All client data that requires sending via methods where the data must leave our control is encrypted to ensure that no data can be intercepted, read or tampered with.

UK Data Centres

We store our clients’ data on storage mediums held within IT Group’s own data centre to provide maximum physical and network security.


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