Expert CCTV analysis

Surveillance footage recorded by CCTV cameras can provide invaluable evidence in court proceedings, so it is vital that this footage is recovered and preserved safely.

IT Group has a team of forensic experts that have experience in CCTV analysis, coupled with a range of forensic tools that mean we can analyse CCTV footage quickly and securely, without risking any compromise of the data.

Our Services

We are frequently instructed to prepare annotated presentations of extracts of video or CCTV footage for the benefit of the hearing or the jury so that due consideration of the evidence provided in the recordings can be carried out.

Our instructions have ranged from improving video quality in order to identify a getaway vehicle after a robbery to using frame-by-frame analysis in order to assess who was at fault for a road-traffic accident.

  • The recovery of deleted recordings
  • Timing correlation of events based on video evidence
  • Analysis of CCTV evidence presented by prosecutors or other experts
  • Production of CrPR Part 19 compliant reports
  • Production of Section 9 witness statements
  • Presentation of expert opinions in court proceedings


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