IT Group is at the forefront of computer forensics. We are regularly instructed in civil and criminal matters to assist with the recovery, extraction and interpretation of data from servers, PCs and laptops.

Our expert forensic analysis can uncover traces of web activity, chronologies of emails, documents and the history of printing, copying and deletion.

Our Computer Forensic Services

  • Full forensic timeline rebuild
  • Data carving and recovery of deleted data
  • Email recovery and re-build
  • Document extraction and analysis
  • Internet activity forensics
  • Metadata and EXIF data analysis
  • Carving of material from unallocated (deleted) space
  • Skype/WhatsApp/Instant Messenger recovery
  • Cloud storage analysis (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Memory stick/pen drive analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • System/network analysis after cyber attacks

Past experience

IT Group have been instructed as expert witnesses in a number of ground-breaking cases where digital evidence was critical, including:

  • CBI India:  Extradition Proceedings - Ravi Shankaran
  • Richard Butler-Creagh –v- Aida Hersham  (EWHC 2525 High Court Queen’s Bench)
  • Kingsway Hall Hotel –v- Red Sky IT HMRC  (EWHC 965 High Court Queen’s Bench TCC)
  • Anglia Autoflow Limited –v- Wrightfield Limited (EWPCC 3 Patents County Court)
  • Trenchant Trading Systems Private Ltd -v- Ke Xu

Why IT Group?

IT Group is regularly instructed to provide evidence as experts in relation to computer forensics and has an experienced team of digital forensic specialists, including ex-police personnel, who have in-depth knowledge of data structures and complex file types to complement our range of forensic analysis tools.

Our experts have over 25 years of experience in the industry and are regularly instructed to prepare CPR Part 35 (civil) and CPR Part 19 (criminal) expert reports and/or give oral evidence in the High Court, County Courts, Crown Court and Magistrates Court.

IT Group strives to be approachable and jargon-free. We produce our findings in a clear and concise report tailored to the instructions.


LONDON: +44 (0)207 043 3470    PRESTON: +44 (0)845 226 0331