What’s new in Intella Connect? Updates to our e-Disclosure platform

IT Group’ electronic disclosure and digital investigation tool, Intella Connect, has recently been updated with a host of new features and functionality. We have provided a short summary below of the key updates.

Email Threading

Email Threading can now be used to visualise a full email conversation between parties in a chronological view. Additionally, a map of the email’s history can be seen as it moves between custodians; this functionality can also highlight where emails are missing or potentially have been missed during the scoping and collection exercises.

Identity Modeling

Intella Connect now includes functionality that enables users to build an “address book” of the persons of interest. Email addresses, phone numbers and chat accounts can be bundled together to help build a picture of the person across a variety of communication platforms.

Recovery of deleted files from NTFS

Recovery of deleted files from NTFS means more data can be extracted from computers and uploaded to the platform for review, including those that have been ‘deleted’ from the system.

Batching Functionality

Improvements have been made to the batching process and batch-review process through an updated coding layout.

Improved Content Analysis

Additional content analysis tools such as skin tone have been integrated into the system to allow for further narrowing down of data to only the most relevant.

Intella Connect is continuously improving with new updates and versions released several times throughout the year.

What is Intella Connect?

Our e-Disclosure and digital investigation solution, Intella Connect, is a powerful web-based platform that enables HR, legal and regulatory professionals to intelligently search, filter and review large volumes of electronic data with ease.

The powerful processing engine can handle millions of documents and a variety of file types and provides users with a thorough breakdown of the data.

The simple, user-friendly interface and intuitive search functionality help streamline data search exercises, allowing you to take full control of the review and find critical information quickly, whilst keeping intact all relationships between files, custodians, attachments and more.

Are you currently in the market for e-Disclosure services or looking to switch to a more cost-effective provider?

If so, for more information about Intella Connect, or to arrange a quick demonstration, please contact us via enquiries@itgroup-uk.com or call +44 (0)845 226 031.