Quick access to electronically stored information, whether that’s for court-ordered formal e-Disclosure or intelligence gathering for litigation purposes, can be crucial to resolving a legal dispute. But organising the data itself can be laborious, taking up valuable time which could be spent on other areas of your business.

IT Group’s powerful e-Disclosure and digital investigation solution, Intella Connect, removes that headache by enabling you to intelligently search, filter and review large volumes of electronic data with speed and ease.

Intuitive searching 

Intella Connect’s powerful processing engine can handle millions of documents and a variety of file types and provides users with a thorough breakdown of the data. The simple, user-friendly interface and intuitive search functionality helps streamline data search exercises, allowing you to take full control of the review and find critical information quickly, whilst keeping intact all relationships between files, custodians, attachments and more.

Access anywhere, from any device

The wholly web-based Intella Connect platform allows multiple reviewers to work on the same case simultaneously and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Whether you require one reviewer or multiple teams across different global office locations, Intella Connect is scalable and flexible to meet your requirements.

Scalable 100%
Flexible 100%
Cost-effective 100%

Our specialisms

Electronic Disclosure

We utilise the latest industry software, hardware and techniques to assist with obligations at every stage of the e-Disclosure lifecycle –  from forensic document collection to disclosure bundle production.

Employment Disputes

Our ability to track evidence and reconstruct graphical timelines of wrong-doing in the workplace can be combined with the Intella Connect platform to help find critical information quickly.

Intellectual Property

Our wholly proportionate cost structure makes using our Intella Connect search and review suite a practical solution in intellectual property matters where document volumes are often smaller.

Regulatory Investigations

Our digital forensic capabilities, combined with the Intella Connect platform, provides the tools to analyse emails and communication chains with ease, helping establish key data quickly.

Commercial Litigation

A proportionate cost model makes our services accessible for a wide range of litigation cases where documents are more sensibly searched and reviewed electronically.

Transparent costs

Our costs are 100% transparent. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t base our costs on the volume or complexity. We operate a simple, per-seat license cost model, keeping budgets proportionate for both case and client.

What makes us different


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