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IT Group’s e-Disclosure and digital investigation solution, Intella Connect, is a powerful web-based platform that enables HR, legal and regulatory professionals to intelligently search, filter and review large volumes of electronic data with ease.

Whether you require court-ordered formal e-Disclosure or assistance with intelligence gathering for litigation purposes, the Intella Connect search and review suite provides a fast, easy to learn, flexible solution for the investigation of electronic data.



Intella Connect is simple and easy to use and requires minimal training time.


Search email, attachments, images, archives and metadata easily.


Whether you require one reviewer or multiple teams across different office locations.

Fully project managed e-Disclosure

We offer a fully project managed e-Disclosure service from data collection to exchange with third parties and management and maintenance of the review platform and review process.

Our e-Disclosure exchange service is delivered in accordance with industry best practices and accompanied by a witness statement ensuring that those using our service maintain a defensible position whilst focusing on the documents that matter. We can interface directly with legal advisors, clients or technical teams as required to ensure that everything is as efficient and convenient as possible.

Platform features

Visualise results

Results are produced in a variety of visual formats, making it simple for the user to identify relationships between documents. The platforms visual analytics include document clustering, timeline tracing and history graphing amongst others.

Individual document review

All contents, metadata, email groups and threads, attachments, file structures and native files can be examined, commented on and tagged for relevance or excluded for privilege, etc. This flexible tagging process can provide a structured workflow between reviewers.

e-Disclosure Intella IT Group

Unique features

Intella Connect indexes all of the data on loading which enables the user to browse the data by item property. In addition to keyword searches, users can drill deeper into the data by searching specific file types, dates of interest, email addresses, custodians and more.

Powerful indexing

Intella Connect intelligently processes millions of different files and documents, keeping relationships between files, custodians, data, text and attachments intact.


Results can be exported in a range of formats (native, load file, etc.) for reporting, follow-up investigation, e-Disclosure or later use. Intella Connect also interfaces with other tools, such as Relativity or Summation.

Why IT Group?

As expert witnesses with expertise in software and digital forensics, IT Group combines technical knowledge with an understanding of the litigation process.

Our team of forensic specialists has in-depth knowledge of data structures and complex files types to complement our range of forensic analysis tools. We utilise the latest industry software, hardware and techniques to assist with e-Disclosure obligations at any stage of the litigation process, offering a swift identification and forensically reliable collection of data for review.

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