IT Group Invest In State Of The Art Cell Site & Call Data Record Analysis Software

IT Group has recently invested in state of the art forensic Cell Siting Software; this means that we can provide a better service to meet the needs of our clients who require Complex Cell Site and Call Data Record Analysis across multiple mobile phone numbers. Cell Siting remains as one of our core services that we provide, allowing location analysis and coverage of multiple networks across multiple telecommunications technologies.

The capabilities of our new software will allow us to perform ever-more complex analytics across multiple mobile numbers and devices, including the cross checking of SIM usage against a large amount of IMEI numbers. This is especially productive where there are many different devices and numbers attributed within a case spanning a variety of cellular network providers often seen in complex or organised crime cases.

Our new software has no real-world limits on upload capacity, meaning we can process hundreds of call data files accurately and in the least time-consuming manner possible in order to provide the results that matter quickly and efficiently saving time and money. Our analytic capabilities also include co-location functionality – this is a feature that is used when two numbers are suspected to belong to the same individual (often referred to by the court as “in the same hands”) – as well as inactivity reporting, which can assist in investigations where it is suspected mobile phones have been turned off.

Alongside these investigation-based features included in the software, a new reporting feature also allows for more accurate cell site mapping that will assist with the production of court-ready exhibits that clearly identify both call and locational data. This will ensure that the findings are clear and easy-to-understand with a conclusion that could be understood by both those with or without technological knowledge of cellular networking.