When an insurance claim is suspected of being fraudulent, IT Group offers a full range of forensic IT services to assist the claim handler to check the validity of a suspect claim. We have been retained by firms such as Lloyds, RBS, Strikeward, and Aviva to investigate suspect claims and we have been instructed by many law firms on behalf of insurers in cases that are prosecuted.

As a result of our investigations, considerable sums of money have been safeguarded by insurers where fraudulent or inaccurate claims have been identified.

Our Services

  • Retrieval of live and deleted data from mobile phones including SMS text messages, call histories, emails and photographs
  • Data extraction from chat applications including iMessenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc
  • Laptop / PC analysis to recover deleted material and reconstruction of internet histories
  • Establishing date and time information of electronic data including photographs, videos and documents
  • Cell site analysis of mobile phone records to establish the geographical location of the phone user


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