IT Group offers IT consultancy services for technology-enabled projects of all sizes across a range of industry sectors. In particular, we have worked in healthcare, construction, finance and energy to assist in the delivery of a successful solution. Our experience enables us to advise at each stage of a project, protecting from future risks and/or recovering current losses.

Technical Consultancy Services

Working with clients to improve and deliver technical aspects of a solution, such as design, security and data migration.

Procurement and Project Launch

Advising on various aspects of the procurement process, such as product feasibility, partner selection and cost analysis.

Project Failure and Recovery

Offering a ‘Kill or Cure’ service for existing projects that are (or are on route) to being late or over-budget.

Our experience

Our experts have decades of experience in the industry and have owned and continue to own businesses for themselves. This means that our clients’ can rest assured that any technical consultancy is backed up by practical commercial knowledge. Our Consultancy service has been utilised for:

Due Diligence 

A few simple steps taken at the earliest opportunity could dramatically reduce the chances of project failure.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Experience enables us to advise at each stage of the analysis and product selection processes, protecting your data at critical phases of migration.

Project ‘Kill or Cure’

If your board is split on whether to continue with a project that has become frustrated, IT Group can provide the critical advice needed to enable the board to make an informed decision and to respond to emerging situations in the most beneficial way. Positions can be protected and documented by consistently benchmarking delivery against the agreed plan, irrespective of whether the goal is delivery into live operation or an early exit.


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