Mediation is suitable for all types of dispute because it is a flexible solution which simply requires that the parties agree to mediate. It is considerably less expensive than litigation and allows most disputes to be resolved in a single day. Cases which do not settle are less likely to be prevented from proceeding to trial and have a better chance of recovering legal costs if they do.

All interactions are confidential and without prejudice so parties are free to have open and honest discussions without having to worry that anything said can ever be used as evidence at a later date.

Past experience

All of our mediations are dealt with by Chris Raske. In addition to being an accredited civil and commercial mediator, Chris is a senior analyst for IT Group’s commercial dispute team. In this capacity, Chris has acted as both project consultant and expert witness for clients who are either thinking about or have already commenced the litigation process. Chris has particular experience with:

  • Project management, outsourcing agreements and IT implementations across a range of industry sectors including construction, commercial property, healthcare, retail, electronics and civil services
  • Intellectual property disputes, particularly in relation to software copyrights, technology patents and stolen trade secrets


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