IT Group Instructed to Examine System & Telecommunication Equipment in Large Insurance Claim

A multi-million pound systems installation project was in the final stages of implementation and commissioning. Over a weekend, the air conditioning failed and a series of events resulted in the automatic alerting systems failing to operate.

On the following Monday morning, the data centres and telecommunication exchanges were discovered to be at a very high temperature. The systems and telecommunications suppliers position was that all the equipment was unserviceable and required complete replacement in order for them to continue to provide warranty support.

This would have cost several million pounds in systems/infrastructure equipment alone, with additional significant consequential losses as a result of the service being potentially delayed up to six months.

IT Group was instructed to examine the systems and telecommunications equipment and assess the degree to which it was actually damaged through a series of technical operating test routines. Discussions were held with systems suppliers and the client and when results of this testing were tabled the insurance claim was rejected.

A resolution was effected and an agreement was reached to allow the commissioning to continue with acceptable warranties in place.

IT Group has been commissioned on many occasions by insurance companies relating to the technical aspects and quantum of loss. As a result of IT Group’s work, considerable sums of money have been safeguarded by insurers where fraudulent or inaccurate claims have been identified.