IT Group Instructed In Insurance Investigation After Break-in at a National Newspaper

IT Group is regularly instructed in insurance investigations. Our technical experts can assist claim handlers to check the validity and/or accuracy of a claim.

Following a break-in at a national newspaper, it was discovered that several of the main computer systems had been attacked and parts had been stolen. The remaining computer equipment was in an uncertain and inconsistent technical status.

The client and their brokers submitted a multi-million pound claim for a complete systems infrastructure replacement. The insurers instructed IT Group to assess the obvious damage and to provide an estimate of the costs that would be incurred via a potential repair or replacement. Thereafter, lengthy investigations were undertaken to establish whether other aspects of the systems infrastructure, that had not been stolen but had been disturbed during the incident, were completely stable.

IT Group attended meetings with the systems suppliers, the Insurers and their client to reach a mutual agreement through a significantly reduced claim.