IT Group Jointly Instructed In Personal Injury Claim Investigation

IT Group was jointly instructed by the lawyers for the Insurance company and the Insured to review data held within a ‘Black Box’ installed in a car.

A dispute arose regarding the location and severity of a car accident which led to a claim for personal injury.

IT Group worked with the manufacturer of the black box to extract the data recorded in a forensically sound manner to allow the analysis of the records from both the Global Positioning System and the Accelerometer.

IT Group then plotted the movements of the car on an ordnance survey map and colour coded any impacts from green to red based on the severity of the g-force measured.

IT Group was able to compare the results of the survey with the claim form from the insured. The evidence suggested significant anomalies between the location and time of the reported accident as well as an opinion as to the speed before impact and the length of time that vehicles remained at the scene.