IT Group Electrical Engineer Instructed to Provide Expert Opinion in Power Supply Dispute

IT Group was approached by a leading international law firm to provide expert opinion in a dispute that arose between a facilities management company and a public health care provider following a power outage.

Upon instruction, it had already been established that the disruption to the power supply was a result of a fault that occurred when main incoming power supplies were being swapped over (a process known as “racking out”). The fault also led to consequential loss of power to the buildings Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for the IT server room which then appeared to fail upon reconnection.

In order to get power restored to the building, the switching process was immediately reversed and re-attempts were put on hold until the failed UPS had been replaced.

This led to delays to the initial power supply works and subsequent requests for delay compensation from the facilities management company.

With a complex Contract in place involving multiple contractors and with the involvement of the local DNO it was important to understand the exact sequence of events in order to provide an opinion on the proximate cause. Analysis of contractual delay clauses, the procedures adopted by the various parties involved and the various relevant maintenance schedules was carried out.