24th April 2016 | Breakfast Seminar: Hot property: defending IP when employees walk away

In the last 12 months, IT Group has seen a surge in instructions relating to ‘Employee Theft’ and it is clear that organisations are becoming more fearful about the potential theft of sensitive intellectual property or similarly critical data by employees. A 2015 survey by Palo Alto Networks supports this notion stating that: “51% of companies consider IP theft to be biggest threat to their business”.

On the 27th April, IT Group expert Jason Coyne will be speaking at a breakfast seminar hosted by Kemp Little that will focus on how businesses can better protect their intellectual property and minimise the risks posed by departing employees who find the temptation to take digital assets with them too strong.

Jason, alongside Kemp Little speakers Marian Bloodworth and Alison Rea, will cover:

  • How to identify risks posed to your business by departing employees;
  • Practical steps you can put in place now to reduce your business’s risk (e.g. access logs);
  • Protecting trade secrets – what can an employee take with them to their new job?
  • The new EU trade secrets directive;
  • Best practice for conducting a technical investigation.

The session will conclude with a Q&A panel and an open discussion on how to better protect your business.

For more information and to register for this seminar, please follow the link below.


This seminar is aimed at In-house counsel, senior HR professionals, compliance and risk professionals as well as senior IT professionals.