Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis Proves Person Wrongly Charged in London Assault

IT Group mobile phone forensic analysis demonstrates that the wrong person was charged in London assault leading to CPS dropping charges.

IT Group was instructed to forensically examine the mobile phone of a defendant accused of a serious criminal offence. After thorough technical forensic analysis, IT Group’s experts discovered GPS-tagged photographs which suggested they were taken in a geographic position supported by the defendant’s alibi.

Further research was considered and call data records from the network service provider were requested. Full-colour maps of geographic locations were then produced which clearly demonstrated that it was not possible for the defendant to be at the scene of the alleged crime.

The Solicitor commented to IT Group following the case; “Our client was charged with a serious criminal offence and the expert report which you prepared for us was extremely helpful and instrumental in persuading the Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue the case.”