Webinar | Lock down your IP – Investigating IP theft
9th February 2021       14:00 – 15:00 UTC

The pandemic has changed the way we work dramatically and has forced businesses to adapt quickly, implementing new technologies and processes to support employee remote working with limited visibility and control. This brings increased risks, particularly in relation to effective data securityand gives rise to an increase in the unauthorised access and use of company information by employees.  

In this webinar, IT Group director Nick Williams, will discuss the steps businesses can take to investigate intellectual property theft and how to protect their valuable data assets.

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Nick Williams
Associate Director, IT Group 

Nick Williams is an associate director in IT Group’s digital forensics and litigation support department. Nick has over 14 years’ experience in forensic investigations and litigation matters and his expertise includes complex data recovery and forensic analysis. Nick’s expertise covers the full lifecycle of client litigation matters – from the identification and collection of data to the creation of reliable exchange bundles for law firms, regulators, the courts and arbitrations. 

Nick has worked on various high-profile litigations, regulatory investigations and IP theft matters in the automotive, consumer business, media and telecoms sectors. Nick holds a BSc (hons) in media technology and he is an EnCase Certified Examiner.