Software Licensing Dispute? A Properly Conducted Quantum Analysis by Experts Saves 10’s of Millions

A properly conducted quantum analysis by experts saves 10’s of Millions in software licensing dispute. IT Group Software Licensing experts have just completed a case where our involvement contributed to over USD $20 Million saving on the claim by the vendors Licensing Management team following a routine audit.

Not every organisation has a licensed estate of such proportions but everything is relative and significant savings can be achieved.

Licensing is a complex business and the cynics amongst us may say deliberately so but the fact of the matter is that the law is unforgiving. The way to avoid crippling true-ups and back-dated claims for unpaid licenses and support is to deploy experts who are able to prepare a realistic view of licensing misalignment and provide invaluable advice when brokering a deal.

Virtualisation has been a hot topic for some years but even now, misconceptions and a failure to advise can lead to extortionate claims for licence fees. Engagement with industry experts who specialise in virtualisation will ensure badly presented licensing claims are nipped in the bud before they gain momentum.