What’s new in Intella Connect? Updates to our e-Disclosure Platform

Our e-Disclosure platform, Intella Connect, has recently been updated with new features and functionality that will significantly improve the searching and processing of documents for review. The latest update seeks to improve collaboration between reviewers and also simplify the review process by allowing the user to organise documents into more manageable groups. We have highlighted some of the key improvements for users below.


Batching and Coding – Large numbers of documents can now be organised by search terms, date ranges or types into smaller groups called batches. The ability to batch documents up this way reduces the number of steps and effort needed for linear review and allows the reviewer to focus on the responsiveness and subject matter of the item. The case manager can see the progress against targets for each of the reviewers in a friendly dashboard view. Reviews of the batches are now provided in a structured form that can be configured to display subjective coding tags and it is now possible to prevent (if appropriate) reviewers from skipping items in the review until at least one tag is applied to the document. Our reviewers are reporting the ability to process over 800 documents per hour per reviewer using this linear review tool.

New instant messaging functionality – Intella Connect now features an instant messaging facility, enabling reviewers working on the same case to communicate directly via chat. Users can now see which other reviewers are logged in or have access to the case and can directly exchange messages with them. It is also possible to share search queries and results with other reviewers by simply dragging and dropping the query into the message view. All communication is relayed through our Connect server, without the need to download or install anything, and all messages are secure and stored on the server for auditing purposes.

New activities sidebar panel – There is now an ‘Activities’ sidebar panel on the Dashboard that gives you a breakdown of the latest activity on the case, including who has logged in and when as well as a stream of the latest documents that have been viewed. This replaces the ‘Activity’ page found in earlier Intella Connect versions.

Our Intella Connect platform is continuously improving with new updates and versions released several times throughout the year. For more information about our e-Disclosure services, or to arrange a demonstration, contact us on 0845 226 0331 or email enquiries@itgroup-uk.com.